Evolve as a Brand - Video Book

The ultimate guide to personal branding and social media marketing

Course Summary

This book will help you build your personal brand and leverage your brand equity for a successful business and career. The book is designed in a way that as a beginner anyone can begin from the basic level and using the tools and tactics of personal branding they will learn how to evolve as a brand and create their unique identity in this competitive world.

Course Curriculum

Nidhi Tyagi

Personal Brand & Social Media Coach

Building Magnetic Brands Online

Author of 5 books on branding, Blogger, Keynote Speaker.

Founder Director at iBrand Consulting


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    1 Video Book + 4 e-books

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  • Video Book - Evolve as a Brand (7 days, 35 Chapters)
  • E-book(1) - Personal Branding on Facebook
  • E-book(2) - Personal Branding on LinkedIn
  • E-book(3) - Blogging for Personal Branding
  • E-book(4) - Story-telling for Personal Branding