Book Funnel Masterclass

Capture unlimited organic leads through your book and design a system to upsell your high ticket programs on automation

Course Summary

Join Book Funnel Masterclass and get instant access to the online Program. Create and publish your book funnel with me in 2 hours.

In this masterclass we will learn:

(1) Introduction and the big idea behind the concept
(2) Strategizing your book funnel system and process
(3) Your 4-step inside funnel conversion sequence (lead magnet to high ticket clients)
(4) Choosing the right platform & tools for your funnel
(5) Designing your simplest viable book funnel & replicating to online courses or services

Dear Authors, Coaches & Consultants,
Create your Book Funnel and,  
ğŸŽ¯Generate leads for your coaching business  
ğŸŽ¯Establish instant credibility  
ğŸŽ¯Build audience around your personal brand  
ğŸŽ¯Create  marketing funnel for your courses  

Let's build the *fastest funnel first* with me in this masterclass.....  Learn how authors, trainers and coaches can scale their online business without high-cost maintenance tools and complex automation process with a simplest viable funnel blueprint for their book and online courses.  

Grow your audience. Build your list and establish your instant authority with a book📓  

Course Curriculum

Nidhi Tyagi

Personal Brand & Social Media Coach

Building Magnetic Brands Online

Author of 5 books on branding, Blogger, Keynote Speaker.

Founder Director at iBrand Consulting

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